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Exinda Service Delivery Point

Gain greater network visibility, control, and optimization while reducing costs and management time. Designed for enterprise network environments looking to centrally manage multi-box Exinda deployments. The Exinda Service Delivery Point is available as Cloud Services/SaaS model or as a server to be housed at the location of your choosing.

The Challenge

Managing WAN Optimization appliances deployed throughout growing corporate networks can be complicated. Traditional centralized management systems are often fraught with prolonged implementations, high failure rates and high costs. IT managers are challenged by need to avoid these common pitfalls while ensuring the highest level of performance for their users.

The Solution

Exinda’s Service Delivery Point (SDP) is a revolutionary platform for centrally managing Exinda appliances distributed throughout the corporate network. As a hosted service, SDP further simplifies the task of installing, configuring, monitoring and reporting WAN optimization appliances.

Application Report

The SDP offering is one of Exinda’s key differentiators in the Traffic Shaping & WAN optimization space. A fundamental component of Exinda’s Unified Performance Management solution, it rounds out the Exinda product line and makes it the most comprehensive and effective solution for achieving peak application performance.

With secure access via a Web browser, SDP subscribers gain full visibility into network usage and control over applications at any WAN site. SDP helps IT managers to identify and control the underlying causes of poor network performance whether it be unwanted recreational peer-to-peer traffic or a misconfigured server.

Custom reports provide a granular analysis of network usage, top applications and top URLs. This information is critical in setting an optimal network policy, throttling back applications and for future capacity planning. Exinda’s solution focuses on network usage at application Layer 7 while most other competitive solutions focus on network Layer 3. Layer 3 management cannot differentiate between mission critical applications and unwanted recreational applications such as Skype and social networking applications. Reports can be tailored for individual appliance, region wide appliances or corporate wide.

Exinda’s SDP is the industry’s first software-as-a-service for centrally managing WAN optimization appliances. SDP offers significant advantages over traditional centralized management systems by eliminating the need to buy, install, maintain and upgrade management hardware and software. From a cost perspective, SDP requires no capital investment and has no hidden costs. In fact, it offers a 70-90 percent cost saving compared to competitive systems.

13 Reasons You Need Exinda's Service Delivery Point (SDP)

  1. Further simplifies management of Exinda appliances
  2.  Eliminates costs, risks and complexity of traditional centrally management systems
  3. Generates quick ROI
  4. Minimizes staff required for WAN optimization
  5. Equips IT manager with key statistics for establishing network policy
  6. Aids in problem resolution and capacity planning
  7. Secure management of WAN appliances via a Web browser
  8. Corporate-wide, regional and individual appliance monitoring and reporting
  9. Custom reports on network utilization, top applications and URLs accessed
  10. Historical statistics available for capacity planning
  11. Licensed by the number of appliances to be managed
  12. Unlimited number of users at no extra fee
  13. No set up fee


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